The Building

416 E Eighth Street: Breaking ground early summer 2019

* All plans and renderings are preliminary *

Designed by Environment Architects

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Common Grounds View#5.jpg

Looking at the Building from Eighth Street, towards the Boardman River.

Common Grounds View#6.jpg

Looking at the building from Eighth Street.

Common Grounds View#1.jpg

Looking at the building from the Boardman River. Note the underground parking entrance and permeable deck overlooking the river.

Common Grounds View#3.jpg

Another rear view of the building.

2018.11.25 First Floor.PNG

Our building is nestled between Eighth Street (right) and the Boardman River (left). The first floor contains childcare space (purple), cafe/kitchen space overlooking the River (orange), and future tenant space (blue). The shared atrium stairway, lobby, and gathering space is shown in yellow.

2018.11.30 Second Floor.PNG

The second floor contains coworking space (blue) and listening room (green). The shared atrium stairway, lobby, and gathering space is shown in yellow.

2018.12.1 Third Floor.PNG

The third floor contains a mix of 1-bedroom and studio workforce housing units (orange) with shared gathering area in yellow.

2018.12.1 Fourth Floor.PNG

The fourth floor contains studio workforce housing units (orange), for a total of 24 units in the building! Shared gathering areas are shown in yellow with a multipurpose room overlooking the Boardman River. There are also several sleeping rooms for overnight guests (and idea that emerged from focus groups we conducted with local employers and employees).