Invest in 416 E. Eighth Street!

Commongrounds Cooperative is excited to announce we are seeking investment from our community and supporters (that’s YOU!). That’s right - we said investment, not donations. If you invest in the project, we will pay you back. And by investing in the project, you have the potential to earn not only a market rate financial return, but also a social and quality of life return by making possible a building designed to make the community we love even better.

You can invest in Commongrounds starting at $500; securities laws cap the maximum you can invest based on your income and assets. You must become an owner to invest in Commongrounds and your investment pays an equity-like dividend return. In total, Commongrounds is raising at least $1.5 million from community owners. We can raise up to $1 million of that total through this public investment crowdfunding campaign! And we must raise at least $250,000 in order to have access to the investment. The remainder of the crowdfunding investment is raised through a private campaign with previous friends/family/bird that is not open to the public.

To invest in Commongrounds through the public campaign, visit LocalStake is a third-party intermediary (think Kickstarter but for investment crowdfunding) and all investment must go through LocalStake. Click “commit to invest” and create a LocalStake account to have access to all the offering documents and more detail on the terms of investment. To learn more about Commongrounds and see some FAQs about the campaign, visit

Notice: The government requires us to tell you - Commongrounds is conducting an offering pursuant to Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act. LocalStake is the intermediary through which the offering is being conducted. For a lot more information (including all the legal documents), visit the Commongrounds page on LocalStake.

Kate Redman